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The Legend of the Bastard Technician

coming to a theatre near you!

UNSEEN BUFFY FOTO'S These are the ones that never made it on WRNKC.com!!!

for example...

On September 25th, 2002 MonkeyPumpers.com was officially noticed by the Internet.
Legitimized in the form of Alexa's WebCrawling Archives, these snapshots are the
sole remaining evidence of this lost community of 50 some odd members.

"The Bastard Technician" was a collection of stories authored for the original mp.

With the site's demise, these stories were lost...
... one day, they were found.

These stories create the Legened of "the Bastard Technician"

I welcome those back who helped create a great idea that never lived to see it's day.
And I kick back and remember the days when it couldn't be said whether we were working hard... or hardly working.

"Buffy" is a real person, that we took real photographs of.
Still, some people didn't believe us...

Tuesday, September 17, 2002 04:34 PM
Host: cache-rp08.proxy.aol.com

Is this supposed to be a good web site? I mean, come on, this is dog shit.
This is horrible. You put so much shit on 1 layout trying to make it look
lik it is awesome. Do you spend all your time on this site. If you can put
a new image of yourself up every 2 minutes thats pretty gay. My friend told
me about your site, and how good it was. I'm sorry, but it is crap. I could
make a better site any day. And that Buffy girl, are we supposed to believe
she is your personal model?? You can get a bunch of pictures of the same women
in many poses on several porn sites, then copy the pictures and put them on
your own site. Any one can do that, thats probably what you did, she ain't
your model. Besides, you all look gay, your not into a Buffy type girl anyways.
Also, you all look like losers, do any of you have real jobs?? Thats all I
have to say for now. I will put the URL to my site up later, this site is
fucking garbage combared to mine.

:edit by Syhnthetik: If your site is so badass, where's the link you
llama. btw genious, if you look at the pics of Buffey you can see Morrik's desk
in the background, just like in the cam pics. You can even see Morrik himself
in one of the pics. Quote "Do you spend all your time on this site?" No, but at
least we don't waste our time baggin on other sites. This site is just for fun.
We don't make any money on it, and we don't try all that hard to make it some
badass site that everyone comes to. Just something to do in our spare time.
:end edit:

Jason: Your a fucking fag. I said I am going to put my URL up later, once my site is
finished you dumb fuck. And that desk can be anybody's desk in that picture of Buffy,
I didn't even see the desk cause I only looked at a couple pictures. And how do I know
that is Morrick, that can be any fatass in the backround. And I dont waste my time
dissing other sites, its just I was bored and dissed yours cause I wasted my time
looking at it. Also, it isn't something you do for fun if you can put up to the minute
photos you shit. Your site sucks.

:edit by Syhnthetik #2: You really are a genious. Uploading a pic every two minutes
just consists of a webcam and an auto upload program. It's not like I sit here and
upload a picture every two minutes. That would be a waste of my time. btw, before
you criticize and think you know everything about our site, why don't you look
around a little. Looking at more that a "couple" pics of buffy would show you
the truth. Now, I do not remove entries from the guestbook whether they are praising
our site or putting it down. I will however, remove this entry completely if you
continue to make stupid statements and make an ass out of yourself.
:end edit #2:

Jason: Shut the fuck up Syhnthetik. Look at yourself. Your a fucking loser. With
all your goth crap and piecings. Do you have a job? Do you hae a life? Your what, 30
and have this kids site. You've probably never had a girlfriend. Your a fucking homo.

:edit by Syhnthetik #3: For your information, not that it is any of your
business, I am 23. I have a baby on the way, which my yes (gasp) I have a girlfriend.
I am not goth and I don't claim to be. If you think I am goth then you are more of
a retard then I thought you were. Yes I have a job, and it is working at a computer
store, which is where you can see me in the cam pics. You must not hate this site that
much seeing as how you keep coming back. Good luck with your site, I hope it sucks as
much as you think this one does. Have a nice day!! :)
:end edit #3:

Jason: your gay synthetik, how would u ever get a girlfriend? .......

We felt compelled to respond:

more insanity, more BS
don't bother telling us
we KNOW you're impressed.


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